I Hear The Trees Scream

Hello, my little moppets, Auntie Millie here with an epic tale of the forest people's struggle to protect their beloved forest.  I hope you enjoy the first book of Waldvolker: Ayna’s Tale - I Hear The Trees Scream.  

Cheers Love

Silence, that was the worst for Anya. The birdsong and insect buzzing had filled her spirit with joy, now that was gone since he came. Anya told herself that it was no one's fault, after all, the ancient scrolls foretold of his coming. Every child knew of The Dark One and his forces of evil. Mothers often reminded their children if they were naughty. The Dark One would come to take them away in the middle of the night. The forest's stillness was too much, so she prepared to head to the safety of home. That's when she heard them. The cries at first seemed unreal like something from a nightmare, unseen and drifting closer with each breath. In the grip of fear, you throw your eyes open, and the fear is gone, you breathe deeply, but this was not a dream, and Anya was very much awake. Quickening her pace past the singing brook, then crossing the old stone bridge that stood longer than any person could remember. We shall endure the same as the bridge she thought then hurried on. Gojeck was not home, so she placed a kettle on the fire and added dry crispberry leaves to a large mug. Relaxed and warm, she sipped her tea and reflected on the day's events. Remembering the distant sound filled with horrible pain, it was so familiar as if she knew it from long ago. Helping herself to a spiced biscuit, she tried to place the memory. The details remained clouded, which only increased her apprehension. Best not to fret, she had dinner to prepare and laundry to fold, she closed her eyes for a moment, and that's when the image flashed before her. Anya sat up in her chair and, in a hushed tone, said, "The trees, I heard the trees scream." She stood, walked to the door, and listened. Nothing, she heard nothing at all, flinging the door open Anya marched onto the step and stood still, only the wind and nothing more. Maybe it was nothing anyway the tuber stew awaited, and the groundnut pie needed baking before her husband came for high tea. Later after Gojeck returned, he asked: "Might it have been a screech owl?" With great restraint, she reminded Gojeck she spent her childhood caring for several owl families in the North woods and would surely know a screech owl's cry. Silence fell over the table, which was unusual as the two shared everything about their day with passion and excitement. After the meal, they sat near the fire, discussing the news of Morken and his gathering Troth allies. Anya talked of the ancient scrolls which foretold of his coming. Gojeck stirred the coals then asked, "If it is our fate, why are so many talking about fighting those Troth devils?" "Perhaps the scrolls say something about this?" whispered Anya. She made up her mind to see Malak first thing in the morning and ask his interpretation of this resistance to that which was foretold. 

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